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Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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Red, White, and Blue Wind Catcher Craft for Kids

This kids craft is such a fun art project for them to do for any patriotic celebration whether it be a bbq or a parade! These Red, White, and Blue Wind Catchers make for the perfect party decoration and look beautiful blowing in the wind. Simple, cheap, and a blast to make and all ages can enjoy!

Ice Cream Truck Fine Motor Play Board

This simple, cute, and fun learning board is a great fine motor skills tool. Kids really enjoy the ice cream truck theme of this inexpensive DIY board. We love a simple board for young kids that has many uses. Happy crafting!

Simple Cake Pops!

These cake pops are for any occasion! This recipe puts a spin on the typically cake pop recipe...This is great for the busy mom (or dad) who needs to make a “fancy” dessert, for someone special. Happy baking!

Patriotic Clothespin Wreath

Memorial Day, Flag Day and 4th of July are all just around the corner! This patriotic clothespin wreath is for all the crafty mama’s out there who are ready for some red, white and blue! It costs about $5 and takes just a few hours to make, and it’s totally worth it. Happy crafting!

3 Mother’s Day DIY Gifts

Mom will certainly treasure these gifts crafted straight from the heart! These fun projects help kids express their creativity and love for mom at once.

Simple Fruit & Yogurt Popsicles

These healthy popsicles make for a sweet, refreshing treat on a warm day! With just a few (good) ingredients, your kids can help you make, and enjoy, creamy yogurt popsicles filled with fruit!

Patriotic Mason Jars

Kids of all ages will enjoy making this patriotic, paper stained, mason jar craft. They are incredibly easy to make! Let’s grab a few supplies.

3 Earth Friendly Ways to Reuse Easter Eggs!

When you think of the days after Easter you think what am i gonna do with all these Easter eggs! Here are our 3 top favorite ways to reuse these eggs. Hope you enjoy, and please let us know how they turn out!

Healthy Apple Treats

Create a perfect snack to get kids interested in their daily fruits with this yummy snack! Peanut butter and apples are a classic but we added a twist, granola! Check this out!

Easter Egg Wreath

This Easter Craft only cost us $9 bucks! It's easy and cheap, the best part is it lasts for years! Reuse this cute Easter decor for he next Easters to come!

Rainbow Jello Cups

These jello cups are so cheap and fun to make! It takes a little bit of time but ends up being worth it! They taste great and have an endless amount of creativity you can add to them. Each type of jello cup can be for any occasion!

Chalk Popsicles

It’s getting sunnier and sunnier everyday, go outside and have some fun with these easy chalk popsicles, that can be made with just $9.00! They last a while and give your kids a fun activity to do outside. Have fun!

Liquid Rainbow Experiment

This experiment is cheap and fast! Each layer takes a max of 2 minutes to do. It’s filled with educational fun. Have fun little Einsteins!

Valentine Oreo Pops

Looking for a sweet low calorie snack for your Valentine's Day party, or maybe just for a gift? Check out these cute and fun to make Oreo pops! They are so easy and takes no time at all to make! With easy prep and cooking directions these pops are the most ideal and yummy snack for this Valentine's Day! Enjoy!

4 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is a day of love, filled with cards, flowers and chocolates. Your kids most likely receive many cards, accompanied by candy, in class. Help them stick out from the crowd this year, with these four, fun, DIY Valentine gifts you can make together!

Valentines Day Trail Mix

This super cute, and simple, trail mix makes a great gift and delicious party snack for this Valentine's Day! The only thing to prep is how you will display this fun, and somewhat healthy, snack for your kids; in a bowl for a party, a mason jar or a gift bag for a Valentine’s Day present. Chocolate, marshmallows, and cookies, EVERYTHING a kid loves! Hope you have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Groundhog's Day Mask

Celebrate Groundhog's Day with your kids this year! This kids mask will help them understand the holiday easier and will give them a fun imaginary play experience! It's easy and cheap and will take you no time at all to put together. Let's get started!

Decorated Christmas Cookies

One of my favorite Christmas traditions growing up was baking cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa. You can make these cute Christmas cookies the night before Christmas or any day in December!

Hot Chocolate Snowman Jars

Hot Chocolate Snowman Jars are fun to make and are the perfect gift to show you really care. When completely assembled, you get an awesome craft that looks just as sweet as it tastes!

Bottle Cap Ornaments

Hanging homemade ornaments on your Christmas tree is such a wonderful family tradition. Unlike a lot of crafts that may not stand up against water damage or natural wear and tear (we’re looking at you, macaroni necklace!), homemade ornaments can last a lifetime and then some.
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