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10 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Kids This Holiday Season

by Deborah Song


5. Give back. Being united by a common goal and working towards an act of service is perhaps the best way to spend quality time together. It will teach your child gratitude for material things, but also for the concept of family, while empowering your child to be agents of change in the future. Whether it’s donating your time at a shelter or collecting unused toy to donate and deliver together, finding ways to give back as a family will creating lasting memories and benefits.

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6. Decorate the tree or stroll through a decorated neighborhood. Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the fondest memories I have as a kid. There’s something magical about seeing a tree light up. If your family doesn’t put up a Christmas tree, you can find an elaborately lit neighborhood street to take a stroll through, which can be just as enchanting.

7. Read a holiday story together. Reading a story together might be less interactive but it can be just as meaningful. Just being together with some milk and cookies in pajamas next to a fireplace is all your kids may need. Plus, reading together as a family can help develop a love of reading. 

8. Watch a holiday movie. There are many forms of quality time. And sometimes the best kind of quality time is when no words are required. Watching a holiday movie huddled together with a blanket and popcorn in hand might be the perfect way to gear up for winter break.

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9. Go somewhere. For parents who need more help shifting their focus from work to family time, sometimes the best way to shut it off is simply to go somewhere. Even a day trip to go hiking, star gazing, or just to learn a little more about nature will exponentially lessen the temptation to check email or get a little bit more work done.

This certainly is the case for my family. It’s no surprise that our best quality time happens on our twice-a-year ski trips. My kids didn’t always look forward to these ski trips. In fact, they hated skiing at first. But the discomfort of the cold and the challenge of learning how to ski actually helped build camaraderie. Bicker back at the cabin they did. But on the slopes, my kids were extremely encouraging of one another. Over time, they have become better at skiing, which has given them a sense of accomplishments. And the memories of snowball fights, building snowmen, and drinking hot chocolate have also become special bonding moments uniquely shared within our family.

10. Start your own holiday tradition. The great thing about traditions is that it can be whatever your family wants it to be. It can be silly, meaningful, sentimental or even useful. One of our family traditions is a Thanksgiving piñata. It gathers the kids together, makes for some good laughs, and gets rid of unwanted leftover Halloween candy.


Trying to find time and energy for quality family time is not easy during the hectic holiday season. But there are many ways to spend time together. The only necessary ingredient is to be present and near one another.

Deborah Song is the founder of, a cruelty-free company committed to creating travel accessories that help travelers journey with ease, efficiency and elegance. She loves to travel the globe in pursuit of good food, wider life perspectives and great adventure stories with her kids. Deborah is a Canadian-born, mompreneur and Los Angeles-based writer, who obtained her master’s in journalism from New York University. You can find her travel stories at

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