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A Season of Thanks

by Erin J. Bernard


7. Remember those who have passed. Celebrate the memory of deceased loved ones and pets by setting an honorary place at the family dinner table. Then, invite your kids to take a moment before eating to recall how these people enriched their lives.

8. Thank a community hero. Help your kids identify a teacher, friend, or neighbor who deserves appreciation for something generous they’ve done during the past 12 months. Together, make and send your hero a card or a small gift of thanks as a token of recognition for their good deeds.

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9. Begin an abundance journal. With your kids, purchase and decorate a diary devoted to thankfulness, then invite each family member to list what he or she is grateful for this year. Take the journal out each holiday season, reminisce over past entries, and add new ones. Over time, it will become a precious family record.

10. Banish Black Friday. What’s the point of a day devoted to appreciating what you’ve got when it’s followed by a mad dash to accumulate more? Jump off the bandwagon and plan a quiet day of crafts and physical activities close to home instead. Your kids will enjoy the one-on-one time and your wallet will thank you.

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Erin J. Bernard is a freelance writer, editor, and photographer from Portland, Oregon. Before becoming a writer, Erin worked as a nanny and an ESL classroom teacher. She taught English at a Montessori school in Mexico and then ran an after-school language program in South Korea. Erin is the editor of the parenting guide, “Instructions Not Included: A Pediatrician’s Prescription for Raising the Best Kids on the Block,” written by Irwin H. Berkowitz, MD.

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