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Teaching Accountability and How to Get Your Kids to Listen

by Winita Frederick

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We should allow kids to be kids for as long as they can, while also preparing them for expectations they will face in the real world. Part of that means instilling a sense of accountability for meeting goals, even some of the shorter-term ones. If we can make these lessons fun in the process, that’s an added bonus. 

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Nobody likes a tedious task, especially kids. But managing our time, and regulating our emotional responses to those unsavory tasks is crucial to creativity. If they finish all of their chores early, it means they’ll have more time to dedicate to their actual interests, be it a budding passion or fleeting obsession.

Check out the Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Child to Listen for more help setting goals and communicating effectively with your kids.

Winita is a staff writer at Scooterbay Publishing Inc. She has a bachelor's degree in English Literature and worked as a library assistant and elementary school tutor throughout college. When she's not writing, she enjoys outdoor exercise, reading at the library, and spending time with family and friends.

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