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Living Large: Big Family Perspectives You Can Benefit From

by Sarah Lyons

Raising six children has taught me many valuable lessons. It's changed my perspective on parenting, housework, finances, and relationships for the better. Having a big family forced me to reevaluate my decisions, but you don't need to have a big family to live like one. Here are some large family perspectives that all families should consider, no matter what size.

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On Time

Time is something we all want more of. The change in perspective here is that large families must use their time more wisely. If there is an hour for cleaning, get up and clean. If there is an hour for playing, make the most of it and enjoy your limited playtime with your children. If you have two hours to spend with your spouse, turn off the TV and talk. Put down your cell phone and ask the kids how school went. Rise early in the morning to spend some quiet time alone so you feel refreshed enough to take on the busy and full day ahead of you.

Benefits for all families: When time is used wisely, there is more time for the things you enjoy. 

On Disagreements

Large families have to learn to let go of what they cannot control. If you’re a mother of many, you know that bending over backwards to get your kindergartener and your toddlers to all wear coordinating T-shirts and matching socks isn’t a battle worth ruining your day — or even your hour. If the child is dressed appropriately for the weather, then the child is ready to go! This principle can be applied to any relationship, including your spouse. Let the small things go and work through the important things as a team. This practice will guarantee you more peace and fewer disagreements.

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Benefit for all families: Learn not to sweat the small stuff, which helps create healthy relationships and less stress for everyone. 

On Differences

We all realize that each person has their own unique gifts, talents, opinions, quirks, and habits. Larger families learn to embrace differences and to see them as strengths because their own home is rich with diverse perspectives and personalities. Growing up in this environment creates an appreciation for our differences and teaches kids to be accepting. You don’t have to have a lot of kids to know that life is precious and children are a gift. In a large family, parents appreciate each child’s unique personality and have the opportunity to teach kids to love and respect each other.

Benefits for all families: People should be celebrated and accepted for what makes them unique.

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