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How to Get Your Kids to Read (Without Telling Them To)

by Deborah Song

Reading Tips Continued...

3. Create enticing reading associations.

Introduce reading with something enticing like cookies. Associations are strong. Think baseball and peanuts or movies and popcorn. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a food association. You can introduce books with a craft or anything else that sparks your child’s interests. If your child loves to be outdoors, read alfresco. The whole idea is to make fun correlations with reading.

4. Read before bedtime.

When kids say they “hate to read,” what they really mean is there are so many other things they would rather do than read. Most kids, of course, would prefer to play than read. But even the most book-averse child will prefer storytime to bedtime. Bedtime is also when kids start to wind down, which is conducive for focusing on a book, which is conducive for falling asleep.

So get your child to bed 30 minutes before actual bedtime and use that time to read together. I can’t tell you how many times my child has refused to read during the day. But I usually have to pry a book out of her hands when it’s finally time to get some shut-eye.

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Deborah Song is a Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based writer, who obtained her master's in journalism from New York University. She is the founder of, and is passionate about helping parents find better work-life balance and proper support through community.

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