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How to Not Go Crazy During School Vacation

Ok, let’s be honest. Your anxiety may be through the roof at the moment, because, well – idle time with children.

I’ll just remind you though, that you did want warmer weather so that you could finally begin to thaw out from the winter. You have anxiously been awaiting summer to rid yourself of the stress of carpool, making lunches, and yet another PTO meeting.

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Well, you’re almost there, Mamas – but you’ve got one last hurdle to overcome before the backpacks are stored for summer.

April Break.

Some states call it spring break. Others refer to it as Easter or Passover break.

That’s not what matters here, though. What matters is that you’ll have a solid 8-10 days, with your children at home, and nothing to do.

They might as well start calling this time of year “Wine Pouring Season.”

In all seriousness, though – what is that you’re planning on doing with your time? I’ll tell you what I’m NOT doing –spending each day wishing I had made plans or letting my child destroy my home out of sheer boredom.

No way – not this year.

The weather’s great, I’ve got a ton of things I’d like to do – so this year, I may actually do them. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned – not planning ahead is like handing a toddler a red sharpie marker while they’re sitting on your beige tufted couch.

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Here are a few ways to minimize the craziness for this upcoming break:

1. Playdates

Schedule more than you even want to have, because one of them is bound to fall through. In places other than your own home. There is nothing more exciting (or frankly, bribe-worthy) for your child than knowing there is a playdate scheduled with a good friend somewhere outside of their TV room.

2. Movies

If you’re like me, going to the movies on weekends becomes more of a hassle than it’s worth. Crowded parking lots, long lines, and finding good seats with children in tow is

not my idea of a good time. But a 10:30 matinee on a Tuesday morning when the theatre is bound to be quiet? YES, please!

3. Get Local

Unless you live under a rock, there are cool things to do in your neighborhood that you haven’t done yet! Chances are you have uttered the words, “we’ll have to go there one day,” at least once, to at least one of your children. Now’s your chance to check that place out. Whether it’s a local museum, park, or Farmer’s Market – you’re guaranteed to enjoy as much as your child.

4. The Dollar Store

Because you must plan for a rainy day. And because having an arsenal of cheap toys, art supplies, and random goodies to dump out onto the living room floor during a vacation-week lull is always a good idea.

Happy vacation!


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