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Kids Activities: Make Your Own Magical Fairy Garden

by Erin J. Bernard

Pick Your Plants and Prep Your Garden

These whimsical little gardens are gaining popularity around the country, which means that your local garden store or nursery will likely have plenty of suggestions for what you should plant. In general, mosses, succulents, and hardy, crawling foliage all do well in fairy gardens. Aim for a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Some plants to try: Spike moss, baby tears, fairy fern, small cacti and any kind of succulent.

Fill your container with fresh, moist potting soil to within about an inch of the top. If your container doesn’t have a hole for draining, be sure to add a layer of rocks at the bottom to aid in water drainage. Use your fingers to dig a hole large enough to accommodate each plant’s root system. Place a plant in each hole, cover with soil, water generously and press the soil firmly down around the plant to secure its position in the dirt.

Kids Activities Fairy Garden

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