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by Drinkmarx
Drinkmarx is a flexible, c-shaped band that easily slips on and off of cups, cans, and bottles (12-20oz) making identifying your beverage easy and fun. You use the dishwasher safe letters to put your name on the Drinkmarx and then further customize it with unique icons to express your interests. Four Drinkmarx are included in one package with one sheet of 126 letters and 42 icons for full customization. Drinkmarx are dishwasher safe! Drinkmarx is perfect for sports, school, parties, the gym and more. They decrease waste, the spreading of germs, and can help save families money. Drinkmarx...Name it! Claim it!
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Great product! Easy way to mark your own drink! I love it!!
My dog receives bottled water service each morning thanks to my kids not marking their bottled waters! What a joy that the product comes with four! As a mom of a larger family, it's a treat to buy one product to use for our entire family! Super easy to attach to standard water bottles and fun that you can decorate the markers with unique stickers. - JE
Oh my, do I ever need this product in my home. I can't tell you how many cups my kids use/fight over/leave lying around. And this is especially useful for parties, decreases trash and the spreading of sickness. I love how much cleaning and waste this would save me. Great product! -SB
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