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Do Art Paint with Marbles
by Faber-Castell USA
Create abstract works of art. Coat the marbles in paint, drop them into the no-mess, reusable painting tray and then use a stencil to create fun shapes! Tuck everything neatly inside the book style package for storage.
Faber-Castell USA

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This is so great on so many levels. No-mess always sells me, but I genuinely think my kids would have so much fun with this. They are so sick of coloring with markers and crayons, this is different and exciting. And it seems like it makes really cool art! Would be a great way for my kids to make birthday cards, which they are really into lately. Great product, would also be a great gift, and a great distraction to a boring summer day. I really want this product. And it's easy! Anything I can set up for my kids and walk away from is always something useful to have. -SB
Amazing! What a way to nurture the creativity! So much you can do with this kit!!
WOW this kit comes with everything !! I love all the creative options it comes with soooo much more that just paint and marbles. My class came up with some pretty creative pictures!!
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