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Tyler the Fish and Lake Erie Bully
by Gypsy Publications
It's Tyler's first day of school, and he's excited. There's so much to look forward to! He has a great day up until lunchtime, when a mean trout fish demands Tyler's lunch. That night, Tyler's mother explains bulling to Tyler and how it is wrong. When the bully comes back again the next day, Tyler must face his fears and stick up for himself no matter how small he feels
Gypsy Publications
(937) 335-4824

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The bullying aspect is great more books need to bring that subject up for kids. Its a great step to fixing the bully issues in schools. I love it the pictures are good as well.
The pictures are cute the story is a great learning method for kids. It can help kids get over the nerves of school and presenting and anything. Its a great story and kids would love it. Its seasonal but its still a great book.
Very beautiful packaging and pictures throughout the book. I love that the charts in the background are positive messages through out the book.
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