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2015 Awards Program Nominees

Pip the Possum
by Gypsy Publications
Pip is just like all the other possums, except for one thing: his tail won't curl! This means he can't hang from a tree branch, which is how his whole family sleeps. He hates sleeping by himself on the ground...until one morning he awakes to find danger coming for his family in the tree! Will Pip be able to save them?
Gypsy Publications
(937) 335-4824

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The book shows great messages for kids to learn about the environment and animals and family. The pictures are great and it is a story my kid would love.
Its a nice way to share the message of the importance of family and its got great wording and spelling and pictures for kids to follow along to.
Its creative and a learning journey for kids to go on. The illustrations are cute and very detailed wich i love. The story is a good one and kids could keep interest through the whole book.
Cute book with a creature that is not in normal story book....i love it.
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