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Push the TOOTH FAIRY button on your Surprise Box once you put your lost tooth inside. As you sleep, the Tooth Fairy hides your surprise. In the morning, your Tooth Fairy doll takes you on a treasure hunt to find the surprise
The Real Tooth Fairies
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Cute packaging, looks like a princess. I like her clothes and hair. I like the option of the tooth going in the box instead of under the pillow.
It's so cute the little box for the tooth. It's a great idea keep lost tooth over night.
Great tool to learn about the tooth fairy. Great age as 5yr old kindergarteners really start to loose their baby teeth. What a way to get them involved in the process.
This is so fun. Really cute for the girl who loves dolls.
Twinkle the tooth fairy is so cute! I like her cute face, sparkly dress and beautiful curls. What a fun idea to have her take you on a treasure hunt to find the surprise she left you. Losing a tooth is so exciting to begin with, this toy makes it even more so.
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