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Perfectly Maggie
by E3 Publishing, LLC
SELF-ESTEEM doesn't always come second nature to our little ones. What could be more important than helping our children build healthy self-esteem as a protective shield against life's challenges? The heartwarming story of Perfectly Maggie was written to help parents do just that! The simple sharing game scripted into the story was designed for children (3+) and their loved ones to promote kindness, share special moments and create beautiful memories. The main character, Maggie, is anything but perfect in the conventional sense. Her heart of gold outshines her crooked smile, squeaky bark, and wobbly knees. She shows the eight other puppies in KindMore Kennel, how "all of their quirks can turn into perks!" Maggie also promotes kindness by helping the pups feel good about themselves when they are helpful kind or polite! What could be more empowering than learning the value of kindness at an early age? By signing the Puppy Pact at the end of the book, children and their loved ones will share in the fun and have a unique memory keepsake. Perfectly Maggie is beautifully drawn and designed by award-winning illustrator, Josie Yee. The book along with the adorable Maggie plush is sure to become a bedtime classic!

E3 Publishing, LLC
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The art in this book is perfect for young children. The message and lessons in this story are valuable for a lifetime; kindness, manners, sharing, confidence, self-esteem...a great tool for parents.
I love the quality of the stuffed animal of this packaging and the doggy
Love this product! The book is so well written and illustrated! The fact that it includes a Maggie brings the book to life for little learners. Maggie is small enough to travel and looks machine washable in case Maggie needs a bath!
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