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2015 Awards Program Nominees

Sadie the Skunk
by Gypsy Publications
Sadie the skunk thinks she is a cat until a sibling kitten points out Sadie’s differences from the rest of the family. When Sadie asks her parents about it, they answer all her questions, telling her they found her as a baby alone in the forest and brought her home. However, they can’t answer Sadie’s most important question – what kind of an animal is she? To find this out, they take her to wise old Mr. Groundhog whose answer sends her on a series of misadventures. In the end, it is Sadie’s most unique characteristic that helps her find her true home.
Gypsy Publications
(937) 335-4834

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Love the beauty of all of our unique qualities and contributions. JH
Very cute book! Great adventure story!
great illustrations and message about family. ns
A very cute story...that shows we are all the same. S.D.
Story about how a skunk's most unique quality helps her discover who her family is. LV
I like that this story follows the story of Sadie as she goes on a journey to learn who she is. The pictures are fun and engaging and I enjoyed the resolution at the end. AM
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