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The Litte Yoga Mat
by The Litte Yoga Mat
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The Litte Yoga Mat

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My girls love to steal my yoga mat... This way they can exercise right along side me. Namaste. -LU
This is so cute, my kids would feel so cool using this when I exercise. They always wanna be big like us, what a cool idea JA
cute and colorful yoga mat for little kiddos! LV
Love that it gets the child involved in adult activiities. cp
Super cute! Many children love to be just like mommy, this is a great idea and fun way to keep active.
What a great idea to help kids get excited to exercise! My young daughter always jumps on my yoga mat as well so this would be great for her to feel special AND have her own space to do yoga! AM
I love this! my 3 year old loves doing yoga with me and if she could have her own mat she would feel so special. -AG
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