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5 Things to Ditch for a Happier Holiday Season

by Rebecca Eanes

What used to be a season filled with joy, wonder, magic, and togetherness has become, for many parents, a season of stress that we can’t wait to end. We often are pulled in a hundred different directions as our calendars fill up with events and to-dos. In our achievement-driven culture, it can be easy to feel like we are behind before we even get started. There’s so much focus on looking like we have it all together instead of just being together. It’s time to stop the madness! Ditch these 5 things and be less stressed this holiday season.

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1. Ditch the full calendar.

I know you want the kids to experience all the things, but guess what their favorite memories will be made of in 10 years? The simple times you cozied up and just enjoyed each other’s company. Believe me, kids would rather have happy, stress-free parents than attend all those special events you want to take them to. Yes, get out there and enjoy a few awesome things. Volunteer somewhere. Enjoy a train ride. Go caroling. Just be sure to leave a few boxes unmarked on that calendar, too.

2. Ditch the idea of a perfect holiday.

Someone will probably have a tantrum in the mall while you’re trying to get those last-minute gifts. Those Pinterest-perfect reindeer cupcakes you’re trying to make might look more like a really sick dog, and at least one child will have his eyes closed in the family Christmas card photo. It’s okay, really. Some of the fondest memories are made when things go awry. At least 80% of parenting is learning to go with the flow. This is a great time to practice that!

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