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Cooper Kits are made for Dads and kids to explore together. The kits are clever, beautiful, thorough and ship every 3 months. We take care of all the details so he can go straight to being an awesome dad. Sent 2 samples.
Cooper & Kid
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Great packaging and clever idea! Great presentation! Mh
Great activities for dads and children to do together. Comes in a great package and the presentation is amazing. CR
How nice to have a "dad" box. It has all of the awesome gadgets and activities for Dad in one spot!
Very cool gift for father's day! Packaging is awesome! -kh
What's fun way to bring dad and his boy together. What boy doesn't love super heroes and being with their dad! Love this
Great for busy dads that need a little coaching on play! I like that it comes quarterly so both big and little kid can have something to look forward to doing together! Great Father's Day gift for dads and grandpas alike. - JE
I need to get my hands on this for Father's Day! So cool. I can't tell who would have more fun with this- my son or husband! Awesome design, GREAT idea. Living in a home as a stay-at-home mom, my kids get an overdose of mom and need new ideas for time with their dad that they both would enjoy. So cool! -SB
For spies of all ages. Fun kit includes everything you would need to have a secret adventure with your kids.
The subscription allows for my kids to get excited each month when a new box arrives
The concepts are right in line with activities my husband would find entertaining to do with our children.
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