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Let's Sing Songs From Around the World
by Kathy Sherman and the Good Folk Collective
Let's Sing Songs From Around The World is a collection of sing-along songs from different countries that give students and teachers a peek into other cultures and languages. Included are songs from Greece, China, France, Japan, Israel (in both Hebrew and Arabic), The Philippines, Spain/Mexico, South Africa, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, America, as well as a Native American rattle chant. I searched for songs that everyone can sing, even if they don't know the language. I wanted my students to feel another language in their mouths, to taste words from other cultures.
Kathy Sherman and the Good Folk Collective
(650) 207-9099

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This is a "must-have" CD when traveling in your car. The whole family will love it.
My kids loved the music of the different cultures. It was really fun to listen to.
I love how this CD explores other songs from different countries. It is amazing!
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