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Multiplication by Heart
by Math for Love
Multiplication by Heart is a deeper, more connected, more visual way to learn. The game takes advantage of the science of memory to provide spaced repetitions to make sure facts are getting absorbed, accurately and quickly.
Math for Love
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Great flashcards for learning multiplication by having fun! Helps retain by using memorization with numbers and shapes.
For anyone looking to help their your child learn common core math techniques, this is the product. As opposed to traditional flash cards, this high quality card set includes the visual depictions of the math problem using intuitive counting blocks and figures. Great product, great cards, and high quality.
The packing is very eye catching and the cards are very well made. I like how there were visual blocks to represent the math facts. I also enjoyed that there were games designed with the cards and pockets to separate cards that the child did not know. This is a very high quality set.
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