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20 Groundhog Day Crafts and Snacks for Kids

by Rebecca Eanes


  1. Finger puppet. This charming little puppet is simple and fun to make. Afterwards, have a puppet show!

  2. Groundhog Day pudding cups. This cute treat uses a Nutter Butter cookie, dyed coconut for grass, and a chocolate pudding cup.

  3. Pop-Up Groundhog cookies. These are almost too cute to eat!

  4. Free Printable PreK-K pack. This pack from Free Homeschool Deals is full of fun and educational activities for little kids.

  5. Cupcake push pops. These are really clever, and they look delicious!

  6. Hotdog groundhogs. You can place these inside cornbread muffins or biscuits for a fun dinner.

  7. Groundhog Day donuts. These easy-to-make treats are perfect for a party or a class treat. I love that you can use white powdered donuts for winter or chocolate donuts for spring.

  8. Groundhog Day pancakes. Here is another version of a Groundhog Day pancake. It’s adorable, don’t you think?

  9. Groundhog egg carton craft. Make a little groundhog in his den with your tot using an egg carton, paint, glue, and optional googly eyes.

  10. Groundhog coloring pages. There are many available online, but here’s one if you’re short on time. Coloring pages are a simple way to let your child exercise her creativity.

  11. Groundhog Day hat pattern. If you don’t mind paying $1.25, here is an adorable hat pattern to print from Teachers Pay Teachers.
Rebecca Eanes, is the founder of and creator of Positive Parenting: Toddlers and Beyond. She is the bestselling author of 3 books. Her newest book,Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide, is more than a parenting book, it's a guide to human connection. She has also written The Newbie's Guide to Positive Parentingand co-authored the book, Positive Parenting in Action: The How-To Guide to Putting Positive Parenting Principles in Action in Early ChildhoodShe is the grateful mother to 2 boys.


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