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3 Things You Might Not Know About Positive Parenting

by Rebecca Eanes

Positive Parents Don’t Discipline Their Children

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#2: Positive Parents DO Discipline Their Children

“But kids need discipline” is a recurrent comment on my Facebook page, and I must say that I absolutely agree.

Kids DO need discipline! So do teachers, firefighters, artists, store managers, farmers, - every responsible, productive human being. So, the question is, what is discipline and how do we make sure our kids have it?

If you look up the definition for discipline today, you’re going to get something along the lines of “to punish or rebuke for an offense,” which I think is an unfortunate twist of the original Latin meaning, “instruction or knowledge.”

I almost never punish my kids, but I do offer a lot of instruction and knowledge (which I wouldn’t do if I were permissive). Therefore, I definitely discipline my children, just not in the same way as many, and there’s a reason for that.

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