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8 Things Moms of Big Families Will Understand

by Sarah Lyons

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4. Someone always needs something. 

A mom of any number of children knows that she is never “off-duty.” Moms keep information about the location of household items and details about countless family-related information in their brains at all times. In a large family, someone always needs help with something, can’t find something, or needs something— a drink, diaper change, homework help, or a ride somewhere. Our kids, and even our husbands, turn to us first when a need arises. We are taxi drivers, nurses, teachers, coaches, counselors, chefs, housekeepers, cheerleaders and more.

5. Food goes fast.

It takes a lot of food to feed several growing bodies. Eating out is a treat because it costs a small fortune and, consequently, home cooked meals are the norm. Moms of many are usually good at meal planning and stretching ingredients. They also know that when a favorite food is in the house, it won’t last long. A large batch of cookies is usually gone the same day.

6. There is no excuse for boredom.

In a big family there is no excuse for boredom because there is always someone to play with. If you don’t like what one sibling is doing, you can join someone else in an activity. In a large family, you always have enough people to play a game of kickball or Duck, Duck, Goose. Plus, you know if you mention being bored to your busy mom, she will start passing out chores to lighten her load. 

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7. Sharing is a way of life.

Kids in big families learn to share early in their lives. Clothing and toys are passed down the line until they practically fall apart. We’ve gotten to the point with several items that no one remembers who originally owned said item, and it becomes public property. Kids also share rooms, which is both annoying and fun. While many kids from large families dream of having their own room, they also enjoy having a slumber party every night with their siblings.

8. There’s a lot of love.

The best part of having a big family is that there are so many people to love. Watching the kids laugh and play together or seeing an older child comfort a younger one instantly warms my heart. Kids in large families have built-in lifelong friends and always have someone in their corner. Those moments make all the hard work that goes into mothering a lot of kids worth it.

Moms of many know that each child is an individual and recognize their unique gifts and differences. Each child is part of the family, a team that works together, and celebrates the successes of each other along the way.

Sarah Lyons is a stay at home wife and mother of six children, including 18 month old triplets. Using creative consequences with her kids has improved their behavior and encourages healthy relationships with each other.

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