Creative Child

A Mom’s First Milestone

by Alisa Mirabal

Parental Anxiety & Parenting Milestones

The next morning Mia was up and ready to go. It was time. It was her moment to show everyone how great she was and how hard she worked. At this point, parental anxiety was manifesting itself in stomach knots so tight, I could hardly bear to stand by and witness her speech. I mustered a smile to give her some extra confidence, and off she went.

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She stepped up to that microphone and delivered. She made the whole school laugh, and I beamed with pride. She had done it, her first experience being vulnerable in front of hundreds of her peers, teachers and parents.

That was it, I found myself for the first time as a mom being nervous because of the unknown.

The unknown of how she was going to react to possible criticism, possible judgements and possible reactions from the outside world. Despite the mom in me sometimes wanting her to learn success through failure, she had never chosen to be a single, vulnerable individual expressing her voice to the world (or her world, at least) until now. I was helpless, just another spectator in the crowd.

As I watched her tenacity, I knew in my soul that she would achieve wonderful things in life. And I know I will have to continue to helplessly watch as she takes on this cruel and amazing world, independently, despite any parental anxiety I may have about it.

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