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Art Activities for Kids: Blooming Flowers Stamps

by Deborah Song

Create the Flowers

Step 4: On a plate, pour an ample dollop of the paint you’ll be using to create the flowers. Dip the bottom of the empty bottle into the paint. This will be your floral stamp.

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Kids Activities Painting Craft Flowers

Step 5: Stamp floral patterns along the branches with the dipped bottle. Encourage your child to use a variety of colors and bottle sizes and encourage their creative, artistic side! Once the branches are filled, set their work of art aside and let dry. A sunny windowsill will help these works of art dry in no time!

Now what do you do with the beautiful art your children have created? If you are like many other parents, you want to display their masterpieces, but you just don't have the space! And, you certainly don't want to part with them! Do you take it to work, hang it on the fridge, or does it go into a drawer, filed away? Check out these great ideas for saving your little Picaso's work and decreasing the clutter!

Try these other fun kids craft ideas and enjoy creating, learning and connecting with your child!

Deborah Song is a Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based writer, who obtained her master's in journalism from New York University. She is the founder of, and is passionate about helping parents find better work-life balance and proper support through community.

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