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Classic Children's Books to Read in 2016

by Jenna Gleason

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Moving on to classic children's books of the 80’s. We'll have to start with the Judy Blume books, of course. These were some of the best books in the 80’s, read by every cool kid on the block.

She introduced complicated topics like puberty and racism to many of us, and for others she helped us cope with issues we were already facing. I often wonder if iPad apps and texting is really helping them learn or broaden their worldview.

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Reading the “Amelia Bedelia” books by Peggy Parish and The Berenstain Bears books by Stan and Jan Berenstain are what taught us about manners and life situations. It made kids think about what we do in our daily lives. Let's not forget about the “The Babysitters Club,” either. How cool were those girls! It was “the” book to read in the 80’s. They helped us learn about responsibilities and how to deal with stressful interpersonal situations, all while expanding our vocabulary.

Junie B. Johns and The Little Critters are just the beginning of the 90's...

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