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Increase Vocabulary, Increase Emotional IQ

by Deborah Song


3. Fear. There are many sources of fear.  Sometimes we are afraid of the unknown, or sometimes we are afraid of something bad happening to us again. While fear doesn’t feel good, it’s an important response and moves us to action, often times to protect ourselves. Even the most strong and brave grownups feel afraid from time to time. Sometimes fear is a natural byproduct of love. If there is something you love in your life, you might be afraid of losing it, or something bad happening to it. There is no shame in being afraid. 

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4. Jealousy. Sometimes we feel jealous when we want something someone else has. You can be jealous of your brother’s scooter or you can be jealous of the attention he’s getting because of it. Jealousy is also natural but not a feeling you want to hold on to.  One way to overcome jealousy is to make a list of things you are thankful for.

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