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by Winita Frederick

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Hue Animation

Do you remember those old school Wallace and Gromit cartoons? Or maybe you’ve watched more recent stop motion animation movies like The Fantastic Mr. Fox with your kids. Wouldn’t it be fun to tell stories with your own stop-motion animation videos?

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With HUE Animation’s simple user-friendly interface, kids (and their not-so-tech-savvy parents) can visually express their one-of-a-kind stories. Snap images frame by frame, using your favorite action figures, LEGO characters, or Play-Doh creations. You can add narration and background sounds, make time-lapse movies, and even edit with paint tools.

HUE Animation Studio also allows for easy sharing directly to Creatubbles, YouTube, and other video sharing sites.

The HUE Animation online shop includes HD cameras, the HUE Animation Studio kit, and more.

Shop HUE Animation here!

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