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Kids Activities: Tooth Fairy Activities

by Devin Berglund

Has your child recently lost their tooth? Or are they about to?

Want the Tooth Fairy to visit, but not sure what to do? Here are some kid's activities involving the Tooth Fairy and the Tooth Mouse. As well as world-wide traditions and histories. Also check out our Tooth Fairy Contest at the bottom. You will have the chance to win some exciting Tooth Fairy goodies for your kids.

Lost Tooth Traditions & Histories Across The World

Tooth Fairy Kids Activities

Tooth Fairies & Animals:

As tradition goes in America, Canada, and in the UK (and other places in the world) the Tooth Fairy comes and takes baby teeth from under children's pillows. Then they leave a payment in the tooth's place.

Australia, South Africa, Spain and countless other countries celebrate the Tooth Mouse (or The Rat of Teeth) who comes to take teeth from children.

Tooth Fairy Tooth Mouse Kids Activities

In El Salvador, a Tooth Bunny takes children's teeth and leaves them money, just like the Tooth Mouse and Tooth Fairy.

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Throwing Teeth:

In other countries children throw their teeth in certain places.

In Dominican Republic, India, Bulgaria, Jamaica, and in Greece children throw their teeth on the roof. Some hope that either a mouse or a sparrow will bring them a new one.

Guess some form of small animal is always involved with lost teeth in tooth traditions around the world.


Fear of Witches:

A long time ago in England, mothers feared witches getting control of their baby through their lost teeth. They thought that if a witch did, they'd be able to control their child forever. Some parents burned the tooth or hid them in nests where rats and snakes could be found (because they believed witches were afraid of them).


Exciting Tooth Fairy Ideas:

Tooth Fairy Kids Activities

Colorful Tooth Fairy Door DIY - She's Making Cards

Wooden Tooth Fairy Doors - Boxnmor Etsy


Tooth Fairy Letters & Certificates:

Tooth Fairy Kids Activities

DIY Certificate - Madison Family Dental

Fairy Note - Handmade Charlotte

Tooth Fairy Kit - Office of the Tooth Fairy


Unique Tooth Fairy Ideas:

Tooth Fairy Kids Activities

Balloon & Money - Living Locurto

Tiny Treasure Box - Girl. Inspired.

Origami Heart - Instructables

Origami Basket - Youtube

Origami F-18 - Youtube


Tooth Fairy Contest:

Tooth Fairy Kids Activities The Tooth Fairy paid us a little visit and wants to give children gifts from her Tooth Fairy kingdom. She had her helpers drop them off on our desk.

Want to win some exciting Tooth Fairy goodies for your kids?

1. All you must do to be entered is submit a photo of your child with their tooth to our Facebook page: Maybe they just lost it or maybe they are about to. If your child hasn't lost their teeth yet, think about sending in a photo of you when you were young (where you'd lost your teeth). Your toothless photo could win this awesome Tooth Fairy Kit for your baby.

2. And then have your family and friends visit the Facebook page to vote for your kid's photo.

This contest closes on April 10th.


What could you win?

-A Complete Tooth Fairy Kit

-Tooth Fairy Boxes


Devin Berglund is an enthusiast for all things writing. On her free time she enjoys FaceTiming with her fiancé (who currently lives in Australia), traveling, and writing novels.

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