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Kids Kitchen: Flower Fruit Skewers

by Deborah Song

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Step 4: Cut Skewers with Scissors.

Adult Task: Cut the pointy tips off skewers. Make two or three of the skewers 1-2 inches shorter. This will make for better displaying. The blunt edge will prevent your child from puncturing his finger and mouth while making the flower and eating the fruit.

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Step 5: Thread Fruit onto Skewers.

Kid Task: With the help of an adult, slide on the first green grape at an angle, creating a leaf. Feel free to insert another grape on top of the first grape at a different angle. Insert blunted skewer into both the fruit flower and round center. Be careful not to push skewer all the way through the top of the flower. Make as many fruit skewers as you’d like.

Step 6: Insert Skewers Into Dry Foam.

Kid Task: Insert the longer skewers in the back and shorter fruit skewers in the front of the rectangular dry floral foam.

Voila! Display your edible fruit arrangement in an easy-to-grab location for a healthy treat the whole family can enjoy!

Deborah Song is a Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based writer, who obtained her master's in journalism from New York University. She is the founder of, and is passionate about helping parents find better work-life balance and proper support through community.

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