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Laundry Hacks...When You Have Kids

by Jenna Gleason

Here they come, after a whole day of soccer practice and art classes. Laundry should be fun tonight, you sarcastically think to yourself. Lucky for you we have found some fun and easy laundry hacks that can help with stains, while saving money and time.

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First is stain removal.

Emily has grass stains all over her clothes from soccer practice. What do you do? For grass stains it’s simple: Hydrogen Peroxide! That sounds easy enough but what about JC’s paint running down the side of his shirt? Get rid of acrylic paint stains with some rubbing alcohol! There might have been some ink stains as well from your son breaking pens and markers in class, hairspray and hand sanitizer should do the trick.

When it comes to removing stains, the greatest challenge is light colored clothing. Whites can be handled with this laundry hack, though. Next time your kid has an accidental spill, try washing it with some baking soda and peroxide and you'll be good to go! 

The next challenges are time and space.

When do parents have extra time? Especially with three kids and a spouse, all with their own demands for time and attention? The answer is probably never.

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Here are some ideas I have gathered from my journey through Pinterest and Google searches that may help speed up the process.

1. My first little discovery is “S” hooks.

They can be used to hang laundry baskets above your dryer and washer to help un-clutter your workspace! You can also try putting a shelf below your washer and dryer to fit baskets for future laundry loads.

2. Sorted Baskets

Another laundry hack I found to be helpful is sorting your laundry as soon as you undress every day. Teach the kiddos to sort by themselves and you will create a little laundry helper as they grow up! Also try putting your hampers in the laundry room if it is spacious enough. It will free up bedroom or closet space and save you time so you're not going from room to room to gather piles of laundry.

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