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Mommy Equality

by Michelle Dempsey M.S., CPRW


And then, I became obsessed with mommy equality.

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What is mommy equality, exactly? It is the right for any mom to parent as she sees fit. The right to not be judged for how you choose to raise your kid, feed your kid, or put your kid to sleep. It’s a critical call for moms to band together, to recognize that life is hard enough without having to deal with the feelings of insecurity that come from others opinions. It’s what has made me feel whole through the rocky road of motherhood.

And this is precisely why I’ve joined forces with South Florida’s first-ever Eco Baby Expo, a giant convention designed to showcase the best in eco-friendly parenting choices – even though I don’t technically fit the bill. I have decided to sponsor the event to show my support for all moms everywhere to come together, learn from one another, and enjoy a day of doing what they do best – raise their babies.

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So join me, join them – join together. Show some mommy equality in any form wherever you are – because a mommy nation divided is no fun at all, and we owe it to ourselves to support one another!

A writer, entrepreneur, radio host, and powerful motivational speaker – Michelle Dempsey, owner and founder of Michelle Dempsey, Very Well-Written, has one goal in mind: empowering women from all walks of life with her incredible personal life story of overcoming adversity and using the lessons learned to achieve success. Internationally published and known for her ability to connect with readers on a deeper level, Michelle has successfully united her passion for business and writing and developed a thriving career, offering writing and editing services, business coaching, branding expertise, and content marketing to business of all kinds.

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