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Our Favorites: Kid's Gear and Products

by Jennifer McLaughlin

My Buckle-Mate

The My Buckle-Mate locks in place around the rear seat belt buckle base and will not interfere with the vehicle’s buckling mechanism. It locks around the fabric strap that anchors the back seat buckle to the back seat and it does not obstruct the buckle’s release button or latch plate. This seat belt buckle aid is easy to install and is great for children and adults alike as it was designed to make buckling easy with one hand.

The My Buckle-Mate is a simple adaptive product that keeps floppy backseat seat belt buckles propped up. It makes buckling easier in vehicles with a second or third row bench seat and floppy buckle bases are fixed!                                                 

Why we love it:

Keeps floppy seat buckles propped up.
Prevents buckles from falling in between seats.
Easy to install and matching colors for your car’s interior.
Helps adults with limited mobility and arthritis.

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