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Top 5 Helpful Apps for Positive Parents

by Rebecca Eanes

Positive Parenting is more than a set of rules or guidelines. It’s a philosophy based on trust, respect, and connection. It’s a different way of viewing and interacting with children, one that invites cooperation rather than rebellion and wins hearts not power struggles.

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However, transitioning to positive parenting from a traditional parenting approach takes time and dedication. Having positive parenting advice at your fingertips is very helpful as you get your footing as a positive parent. As it turns out, there’s an app for that! Actually, there are several. I’ve combed through the app store and found 5 great apps to help you on your journey. The first link is the iPhone app, and for those that are available for Android, that link is included at the end of the description.

1. Orange Rhino Challenge

The Orange Rhino is the code name of a mama who got caught red-handed yelling at her four boys by the handyman. She decided to tackle her yelling problem, and the next day, she promised her children she wouldn’t yell for 365 days. She went beyond her goal, going 520 straight days without yelling! She’s now the author of the book, Yell Less, Love More, and has created this very helpful app so you can stop yelling, too. This app allows you to track your triggers and find solutions, set a goal and see your progress, journal daily, and provides inspirational quotes. It’s free!

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2. Positive Discipline Tool Cards

Jane Nelsen, creator of Positive Discipline and author of several books on positive parenting ideas, teamed up with Adrian Garsia to create this app. It includes 52 cards that offer non-punitive tools to solve behavior challenges and end power struggles. These tools provide intrinsic motivation (rather than relying on rewards and punishments) to grow self-disciplined children. This app is $2.99 on Android.

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