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Valentine’s Day Games Your Kids Will Love

by Rebecca Eanes

Valentine’s Day Games Continued...

5. Heart Stack-


  • 2 boxes per player of conversation hearts

How to Play:

1. It’s simple! Just stack the hearts as high as you can in 20-30 seconds!

2. Player with the highest stack wins.

(Source: Activity Village)


6. Heart Target Practice-


  • Large construction paper hearts
  • Nerf guns (or water guns).

How to Play:

1. Tape hearts to the wall.

2. Set a line behind which to stand.

3. Aim, fire! Target Practice!

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7. Pin the Lips on Mrs. Valentine-

Valentines Game


  • Printable lips here
  • poster board
  • cardstock
  • marker
  • scissors
  • tape
  • blindfold.

How to Play:

1. Draw Mrs. Valentine on the poster board.

2. Print the lips on cardstock and cut them out.

3. Put tape on the back of the lips.

4. Blindfold the player, spin them, and see where they pin the lips!

(Source: Cul de Sac Cool)


8. Catch My Heart-

Note: This game works best with a group of kids.


  • Bean bag
  • A stuffed heart
  • OR, a soft ball will work, too.

How to Play:

1. Have the kids stand in a circle facing each other.

2. Hand one player the bean bag or ball.

3. That player says one of the other kids’ names and gently tosses the bag to that player.

4. The player whose name was called catches it and calls the name of another player, tossing it to that person.

5. The game continues until everyone has had a turn tossing.

(Source: About: Parenting)

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