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Cotton Ball Winter Painting

Kids will love painting with cotton balls, giving them a new tool to use as they paint, as well as making fun designs for winter.

Craft Time: Martin Luther King Day

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with some great craft ideas!

Winter Art Project for Toddlers

Have you got snow where you live? Try making simple winter-themed art, toddler-style!

Firework Stamp Craft

We're stamping paper tubes into paint to create a fun New Year's Eve firework show!

Wish List Keepsake Ornaments

Some of my favorite ornaments on my Christmas tree are the wish list ornaments my kids make every year.

Crafty Felt Stitched Ornaments

Make a few of these handmade ornaments to hang on your tree. They are a simple and sweet craft to add to your holiday decorations!

Painted Napkin Holders Craft

With the holidays approaching add a little crafty DIY to your dinner parties. Here is a fun creative idea the kids can help with, making the table setting much more festive, with these paper tube painted napkin holders!

Salt Dough Ornaments

Always on the lookout for great family traditions...these salt dough ornaments have been a family favorite! Try them out and make some great gifts for family, teachers, and friends.

Button Snowman Christmas Craft

This winter button craft is very easy to set up, yet looks impressive when finished, and everyone, starting with one-year-olds, can make it.

Christmas Peg Dolls

Peg dolls are great toys: depending on the fantasy of a crafter and the materials available, they can be painted, dressed in simple felt clothes, or have paper accessories glued to them. The possibilities are endless!

Q-tip Painted Trees

We’re getting ready for holiday gift giving by crafting some handmade cards!

Colorful Pasta Garland

My kids love putting up the tree each year. But their faces really light up when they get to decorate it with crafts they made.

Watercolor Thanksgiving Place Cards

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner by making some handmade place cards for the dining table.

Stained Glass Window Turkeys

We are decorating the house for the Thanksgiving holiday by crafting these fun window displays.

Thanksgiving Day Crafts

Looking for activities and crafts for the kids to do for Turkey Day? Here we have found some of the cutest Thanksgiving Day Crafts around the internet!

Halloween Costumes for Baby

Halloween is such a great time of the year for celebrating, candy and of course costumes! Check out some of our favorite baby costumes from around the web!

Halloween Costumes from Our Awesome Readers!

Halloween is HERE and we asked you to send us your favorite costumes! Check out some creative and cute submissions from our readers!

Pumpkin Yarn Art

We’re crafting fun projects to help us decorate our home for the fall season. These pumpkins created from yarn are just the thing to add that handmade holiday touch to your home décor.

Monster Felt Puppets

During the Halloween holiday, it’s fun to dress up and decorate with spooky creatures.

Crafty Family Halloween Costume Ideas

We have compiled some great DIY costumes that will be sure to be a hit at the neighborhood Halloween bash or for your fun trick-or-treating outing! Be inspired and have a blast creating these fun family-friendly costumes!

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