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Apple-Shaped Straw Buddies

With the fall season upon us, it’s time to craft up some apple projects. Today I’m happy to be sharing a fun craft for sipping on your apple cider. These apple-shaped straw buddies are great for kids to make and use every time they sip on apple juice or apple cider!

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Reggio Emilia Approach with Play-dough

We are finishing our play-dough-themed exploration of alternative educational approaches by taking a glance at the Reggio Emilia approach. While it may be less well-known than the previously discussed Montessori and Waldorf practices, many of its ideas and techniques have been integrated into other educational philosophies.

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Exploring Waldorf with Play-Dough

We set up an activity to illustrate a few basic principles of the Montessori approach. Today we are continuing the series, exploring what some alternative education systems are like.

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10 Play Invitations to Inspire Creativity

Play invitations can be simple or complex and are designed to spark curiosity and invite play. Inspire your child's creativity to blossom with these 10 Play Invitations.

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Washi Tape Backpack Tags

We’re making backpack tags to personalize our school backpacks. These are made from a recycled cereal box, covering a square piece with the fun craft supply washi tape. It’s a no-mess craft you’re sure to love!

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High Five Card for Teacher

It’s that time of year… back to school! Let’s cheer on our teachers for this new school year by paint stamping a High Five to a Great Year card!

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Exploring Montessori with Play-dough

Why not try out the techniques of the famous Italian educators right at home, without spending a fortune on supplies? All you will need is play-dough to explore and compare the different practices.

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Goodie Gift Bag for Teacher

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Monster Pom Poms

Fun way to entertain indoors with colorful pom poms and googly eyes!

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All Natural Edible Play-Dough

All natural edible play-dough recipe.

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