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A Smile
by East West Discovery Press
Get kids intrigued with their smiles with this ryming story "A Smile". It provides helpful facts about oral hygiene for both children and adults to help kids understand the importance of their teeth.
East West Discovery Press
(310) 545-3730

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We attend a multicultural school where Spanish is taught! I search every year for books that offer dual language! I like that it is an easy read for new readers. The story sends such a bright message and the illustrations were very engaging. - JE
I WISH I had this for my daughter who had severe dentist-anxiety. She was one of those kids that screamed at the dentist office and was terrified of every step of the process. A book like this may have eased the fear and stress for all of us. I would recommend this book to anyone who is taking their little one to the dentist for the first time. Also appreciate how this book is bilingual and I like the illustrations and attention to detail! Great book to have on hand. -SB
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