Growth & Development

Learning Toys Stimulate Different Types of Child Development

Parents might not spend a lot of time thinking about the make-believe learning toys they provide to their kids, but maybe they should start...

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Why You Should Encourage Children to Take Music Lessons

Taking music lessons is one of the activities parents would want for their children. For children of all ages, it is often the parents who encourage them to study music.

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5 Parenting Guidelines To Help Your Kid Exercise More

As a mom in the new millennium, I dream about the idea of parenting in a world where streets are safe and elders can let their children run freely thru the neighborhood, their bodies naturally challenged with the exercise of play...

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Sparking Your Child's Imagination: Ten Ideas You Can Use Today

Some kids seem to naturally get lost in the wonder of their imaginations. Others need a little more prompting...

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Toys That Enhance Learning And Language

Most infant toys focus on stimulating your baby's visual and auditory senses...

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