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Rebecca Eanes is the bestselling author of multiple books including Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide, The Positive Parenting Workbook, and The Gift of a Happy Mother. She is the grateful mom of two boys. 


Articles by Rebecca

Stoplight: A Helpful Tool for Helping Kids Manage Anger

Learning to manage emotions takes time and lots of coaching, but with your help, children as young as three can learn to manage their anger and frustration.

12 Columbus Day Crafts, Activities, and Snacks

I’ve pulled together some of the most fun and simple Columbus Day activities, crafts, printables, and snacks for you to enjoy with your little one.

Gain Cooperation and End Yelling for Good

Yelling also has negative effects on brain development. Data shows that children who have received parental verbal abuse have a physical difference in the parts of the brain responsible for processing language and sounds.

Restoring Your Relationship with Your Child

Bad choices don’t make them bad kids, and children need to believe that we see them in a positive light despite their mistakes.

Four Habits that Help You Connect with Your Child Daily

The truth is that it’s the everyday habits you keep that your children will hold most dear. It’s during the moments when you choose to be fully present and engaged with the people in front of you, laughing, listening, loving, that connection builds and the feeling of “family” sinks into the hearts of your loved ones.

10 Fun and Simple Back to School Crafts for Kids

Another summer is coming to an end, and back to school is just around the corner. I’ve gathered 10 fun and simple crafts your child will love! Enjoy!

Boundaries and Balance:
 Taking Control of the School Year so It Doesn’t Control You

Here are my strategies for balancing a busy schedule while finding joy and creating connection along the way.

3 Ways to Become a More Empathetic Parent

As we seek to understand our children’s feelings and experiences, we draw closer to them. In turn, they are more secure, cooperative, and connected.

First Day of Kindergarten: 5 Ways to Make It Easier

Kindergarten is an exciting milestone for your little one! It can also be a time filled with anxieties and challenges. Here are five ways to make the transition easier on both of you.

Teaching Children to Resolve Conflicts

Emotional intelligence is a key part of conflict resolution because for a resolution to take place, children must be able to understand their own emotions and the emotions of others and to verbally express those feelings in an appropriate way.

Positive Intent: A Powerful Positive Parenting Tool

From the time that our babies learn to walk and talk, we are hit with warnings.

Independence Day Science for Kids

School’s out, but learning doesn’t stop with these fun and engaging Independence Day themed science activities.

A Summer to Remember

One of just a few summers where our driveways are covered in sidewalk chalk, sprinklers serve a higher purpose of spraying kids in the face as they run through, and hands sticky from popsicles leave prints on everything in the house.

The Four Goals of Misbehavior Series: Part One

When we seek to understand that is motivating our children, we are better able to address the cause of the behavior rather than reacting to the behavior itself.

The Four Goals of Misbehavior Series: Part Two

Is your child’s behavior baffling you? It can be difficult to understand what is motivating a child’s poor behavior.

Positive Parenting 101: Behavior as Teachable Moments

My shift came when I finally understood that behavior was communication – and wrongful behavior was a cry for help from my child. That’s when positive parenting clicked for me.

The Value of Reading Aloud to Your Child

It’s a time to celebrate and spur your child’s interest in reading and literacy. Reading aloud to your child every day is one very effective way to do just that!

10 Earth Day Crafts, Treats, and Activities for Toddlers

Earth Day is April 22. I’ve gathered 10 simple crafts, treats, and activities for your toddler to enjoy.

Keep Your Middle Schooler Safe Online

As if all of that weren’t enough for a child to handle, there’s a new set of difficulties that we didn’t have to deal with when we were middle schoolers, and that’s navigating the online world and learning how to stay safe in it.

Your Gut is Smart- Listen to It

Your Gut is Smart- Listen to It
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