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Laundry Hacks...When You Have Kids

by Jenna Gleason


3. One Child at a Time...

Do you spend hours washing, then separating the kid's clothes? If you feel daring, try this method. Do one child's load of laundry at a time. That means possibly mixing lights and darks but it makes sorting faster and easier to do. You can add a 1/2 cup of vinegar to each load to help stabilize the colors and keep them from running. 

4. Dryer Hacks

If you have something that's wrinkled or has been worn once and could use a quick rinse, toss it in the dryer with a dryer sheet and an ice cube for 10 minutes. If you need a load to dry more quickly, toss a dry towel in there for 15 to 20 minutes and it should do the job. There are many more laundry hacks for cutting time and space on your laundry day, but these are the ones I found most helpful.

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Here are 2 laundry hacks for washing toys!

Stuffed Animals
All you need is a mesh washing bag, mild laundry detergent, cold water and the washing machine's delicate cycle. You take a risk every time you wash stuffed anything, so make sure you read the label or make sure your kid can live without it in the case that something does go wrong.

Legos and Other Small Plastic Toys
Pick a durable laundry bag, one that won't rip open mid-cycle and let loose all those little pieces! Add in a capful of some soap and put the hot cycle on and let it be. The legos take a while to dry but its worth it to disinfect and clean off all the food, sticky residue, carpet fluff and hair!

The majority of these laundry hacks for busy moms are money savers, as well. Baking soda, peroxide, and dish soap can be found at the dollar store and you probably always have these items on hand. If all else fails and the mess is too much, don't be afraid to just part ways. If the products needed to clean the stain cost more than the shirt, you may be better off just sending it to the donation pile!

Happy Laundry Day!

Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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