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The Spot Me ID Safety Bracelets
by Spot Me ID, Inc.

Spot Me ID™ Child Safety ID Bracelets are Reusable and extremly durable! Our safety dog "Spot Me" will keep your kids safe. Using the included waterproof marker, you will simply write your name and cell phone number on the back of these easy to recognize Childrens Safety Bracelets. These id bracelets for kids will insure a quick reunion in the event that that your child becomes lost! Spot Me ID™ provides a fun and interactive experience for your kids while keeping them safe!

Each Childrens Safety Bracelet Set Includes: (2) Reusable child ID Bracelets & (1) Travel Size Permanent Marker. Everything you need is included in this convenient travel pack. Spot Me ID™Childrens Safety Bracelet is affordable, easy-to-use, and waterproof.”.

Winner of the 2014 Baby Travel Product of the Year!

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