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Erin J. Bernard is a freelance writer, editor, and photographer from Portland, Oregon. Before becoming a writer, Erin worked as a nanny and an ESL classroom teacher. She taught English at a Montessori school in Mexico and then ran an after-school language program in South Korea. Erin is the editor of the parenting guide, “Instructions Not Included: A Pediatrician’s Prescription for Raising the Best Kids on the Block,” written by Irwin H. Berkowitz, MD.

Articles by Erin J.

Parenting Tips: Lighten Up! Wintertime Blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Does your kid have the wintertime blues, or could it be Seasonal Affective Disorder? Here’s how to tell – and what you can do.

Three Things You Didn’t Know about Your Child’s Brain

Tiny minds are a thing of wonder – and they function very differently than their grown-up counterparts!

School is Out … Forever?

This somewhat radical offshoot of the homeschooling tradition trades tests and textbooks for child-driven organic learning opportunities and free-range exploration. Unschooling is “the process of learning through life, without formalized or institutionalized classrooms or schoolwork,” according to The Free Child Project, an unschooling advocacy organization. Read on for more parenting information on unschooling.

Now We’re Talking!

Try these 5 kids activities to help your child learn a second language – even if you don’t speak one yourself!

Kids Activities: Mid-Winter Playdates

As winter wears on, delight restless kids with a new-and-unusual indoor activity!

Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day

Mark those calendars! Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is coming up, and we’ve got a list of fun, kid-approved ways to honor this American hero and further the quest for civil rights. Read on and let freedom and equality ring!

Parenting: 7 Ways to Awaken the Spirit of Giving

The holidays are a fantastic time to be a kid: tasty treats, doting relatives, and of course, plenty of presents. But it’s easy for families to lose sight of what really matters amid all that boundless reveling. Help your child connect with spirit of the season by scaling back the excess and integrating giving into your celebratory routine.

Happy, Healthy, Kid-Friendly New Years Resolutions

This January, teach a lesson in tenacity by helping your children set and work toward personal goals. Follow these parenting tips.

The Santa Claus Question

What should you tell your kids about the man in red?

Health: Five Better Ways to Battle the Flu

When it comes to keeping kids well this winter season, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Banish the Holiday Humbugs

Grown-ups have eggnog and Xanax to help them combat a case of the holiday jitters, but what to do when the seasons highs and lows prove just as tough on tots?

A Season of Thanks

This Thanksgiving, set a place for gratitude at your family table by implementing these simple rituals designed to inspire gratefulness in kids. Giving thanks has never been so much fun.

Safety: Avoiding Hidden Holiday Hazards

This season, give little ones the gift of safety and kid-proof your merrymaking with these quick, easy tips.

4 Ways to Celebrate Day of the Dead with Your Kids

The Day of the Dead is famous for its rich iconography, skeletons dancing about in traditional Mexican costume, multi-hued flower bouquets and edible sugar skulls. But beneath all the colorful kitsch, this holiday also offers some fantastic ways to celebrate family – both living and deceased.

Missed Connections?

Much has been made of the social consequences of children growing up with phones attached to their ears, but should parents worry about physical risks, too?

8 Tips for Getting Your Child A Cell Phone: It's Your Call!

How should a parent proceed when a tween or younger child requests his or her own mobile device? Take a look at these great tips!

Better Sleep, Smarter Kids?

No doubt about it: sleep does a growing body good. Teachers have long noted that well-rested children seem more energetic and are better able to pay attention. And any mom or dad knows that skipping just one nap can throw a kid off-kilter for days.

Retooling Summertime Sleep Routines

Ah, summertime: it's a season tailor-made for casting off strict schedules and relaxing the rules, just a bit. Chasing fireflies, telling stories around a campfire, loading up on sugary sweets at a slumber party...

A Different Kind of Classroom

Most parents have heard of Montessori education, but is an alternative classroom right for your child? We break down two fast-growing approaches and offer some parenting tips on choosing schools.
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