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Liska Myers is an author of the blog, Adventure in a Box, where she shares ideas on how to make wooden toys, set up a home puppet theatre, and choose the best children's books. Accompanied by her husband and son, she lives and adventures in Ontario, Canada.

Articles by Liska

Kids Activities: Pencil Shavings Art

Sharpening pencils is undoubtedly good for practicing fine motor skills, and one cannot resist the temptation of having all the pencils sharp. For these two reasons, it is worthwhile teaching kids how to use a sharpener! Try this kids activity!

Kids Activities: Animal Tracks Game

This Guessing Game is sure to keep kids occupied while learning and having fun. Try this out with play-dough or with items found around your kitchen along with other fun indoor kids activities!

Kids Activities: Winter Art Project for Toddlers

Have you got snow where you live? Try making simple craft idea for winter-themed art, toddler-style!

Kids Kitchen: Making a Cookie Mix with Kids

When you want to have a dessert, but do not feel like starting a big culinary project, try these pre-made cookie jars! Both my husband and son are more of cookie lovers, while I prefer muffins. But cookie recipes often use a lot of dry ingredients, so they work well for making a mix. We chose to make oatmeal cookies with coconut and chocolate chips for this kids activity. They are soft, chewy and delicious – one of our favorite kids kitchen recipes!

Button Snowman Christmas Craft

This winter button craft is very easy to set up, yet looks impressive when finished, and everyone, starting with one-year-olds, can make it.

Kids Activities: Christmas Peg Dolls

Peg dolls are great toys: depending on the fantasy of a crafter and the materials available, they can be painted, dressed in simple felt clothes, or have paper accessories glued to them. The possibilities are endless!

Kids Activities: 10 Christmas Picture Books from Around the World

Many families establish and enjoy little holiday traditions of their own. For instance, we like to open one gift on Christmas eve, leaving the rest under the tree until the following morning.

Which Advent Calendar Should You Choose?

The prospect of having a Christmas advent calendar in our house fills me with delight. What kind of a Christmas Advent calendar are you planning this year?

10 Ideas for (Non-Candy) Halloween Treats

Halloween holds a variety of wonderful traditions: from uniting the whole family in the work of putting together costumes to calling upon neighbors on the trick-or-treating route.

Halloween Peg Dolls: Witch and Ghost

Peg dolls are wonderful toys! As simple as a bare peg looks, with a bit of painting or sewing, they can turn into charming companions for children.

Kids Activities: 4 Ways to Start a Nature Collection

All children love bringing home rocks and leaves for display. But when your baskets get full of treasures, you may want to suggest a new way of making a collection! Read on for tips on how to create some fun, nature filled kid's activities.

Autumn Leaf Art

Autumn is the time of year when summer memories begin to fade and the seasons change the scenery to a beautiful hue. Read the book Leaf Man, by Lois Ehlert, and create your own autumn leaf art. A perfect way to encourage children to go outside and look for leaves!

Kids Activities: 12 Picture Books to Read This Fall

Does it feel like fall where you live? We like celebrating the change of seasons with new books. Out come the seasonal books from the previous years, and if they are not enough, we take a trip to the library. Here is the list of our favorites to read in the fall.

Kids Crafts: Reggio Emilia Approach with Play-dough

We are finishing our play-dough-themed exploration of alternative educational approaches by taking a glance at the Reggio Emilia approach. While it may be less well-known than the previously discussed Montessori and Waldorf practices, many of its ideas and techniques have been integrated into other educational philosophies. Look into this cool craft idea with play-dough!

Exploring Waldorf with Play-Dough

We set up an activity to illustrate a few basic principles of the Montessori approach. Today we are continuing the series, exploring what some alternative education systems are like.

Kids Activities: Exploring Montessori with Play-dough

Why not try out the techniques of the famous Italian educators right at home, without spending a fortune on supplies? All you will need is play-dough to explore with kids activities and compare the different practices.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

How did your parents choose your name? Have you ever spent all of your pocket money on something exciting? Did you happen to move from one place to another? This kids activity will help grow your child's imagination.

4 Inspiring Back to School Books

Have you thought about reading books about school together to ease your children's worries? Here are a few suggestions! The schools in these books are so exciting, they make us want to go back to school!
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