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Rebecca Eanes, is the founder of and creator of Positive Parenting: Toddlers and Beyond. She is the bestselling author of 3 books. Her newest book,Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide, is more than a parenting book, it's a guide to human connection. She has also written The Newbie's Guide to Positive Parentingand co-authored the book, Positive Parenting in Action: The How-To Guide to Putting Positive Parenting Principles in Action in Early ChildhoodShe is the grateful mother to 2 boys.


Articles by Rebecca

Getting Off On the Right Foot: Positive Parenting Tips for New Moms

Most people talk about positive parenting in terms of gentle, respectful discipline, so you’re probably not thinking of that just yet. While that is a part of the philosophy, positive parenting begins on day one because it’s about the relationship you intentionally develop with your child. Honestly, discipline will come easier when your baby becomes a toddler if you build a great relationship and learn the basics of positive parenting now.

Discipline Without Punishment

I don’t punish my children. Some people hear that and automatically assume it means that I don’t discipline my children, and this is completely not true. Those people assume that by not punishing, I let my children by with misbehavior, and this is also false. I’m actually fairly strict on behavior, so how do I discipline?

Communicating With Baby

Infants communicate with crying, sounds, and nonverbal cues such as smiles and grimaces, movements such as kicking their legs, and gestures like pointing, nodding, and shaking their heads. Babies also communicate with squeals, laughter, and babble! Here are some tips to encourage communication with your baby!

31 Days of Play in March

Have you forgotten how to play amid adult responsibilities and duties? Play lowers our stress and connects us with our children on a deeper level. We simply must take the time to do it! Here are 31 fresh play ideas for the month of March.

Disciplining the Sensitive Child

Sensitive children tend to be very self-critical, so parental criticism is an especially hard blow, though truthfully criticism isn’t good for any child and is one of four behaviors parents should avoid.

Family: Staying Close in the Digital Age

It is the age of being superficially known by hundreds and deeply known by no one, or by very few. We are virtually connected for much of the day, but our heart-to-heart connections are suffering - yet being known and accepted as we are, not as what we portray on social media, being seen and loved and valued at home, not seen and liked and noticed online, being connected to real people – these are what sustain us.

7 Tips for Transitioning to Positive Parenting

So, you’re tired of the disconnection and power struggles that traditional parenting techniques bring and you’re ready to give positive parenting an honest go, like this mother did. But you’re not sure where to start. If you’re a newbie to positive parenting, these tips should help ease the transition.

The Messages Behind Discipline

With every correction, I am giving my child a message about who he is. The messages they get from us, particularly during correction, during the times we are not happy with their behavior or choices, influence their identities.

29 Days of Play in February

Continuing our series of play ideas for each day of the month, here are 29 more ways to play in February!

Top 5 Behaviors That Cause Parents to Lose Their Cool

I recently surveyed a group of over 7,000 parents and asked which of their children's behaviors grated on their nerves the most. In this 5-part series, I will discuss these 5 troublesome behaviors individually and offer positive parenting tips to manage them. I will begin at number 5 and work my way up to the behavior most parents deem the worst.

Valentine’s Day Games Your Kids Will Love

Valentine’s Day is near! Make this year one your kids will never forget with these fun family games.

25 Easy, Tasty Valentine’s Day Treats

On Valentine's Day, there isn't much better then spending the day with the ones you love! Except for maybe also sharing a delicious, heart shaped treat too! Here are 25 Easy, Tasty Valentine’s Day Treats!

The Story of Home

All stories begin at home, and for us parents, we have an incredible opportunity because each and every day, we are writing the beginning of our children’s stories. Without putting thought into the family culture we want to create, we will fall into a default culture created haphazardly over time.

Beyond Behavior: Looking at the Heart of a Child

All three faces on his behavior chart were flipped to the sad face side. Again. That meant he had to go to time-out. Again. It didn’t take much to get a card flipped on the chart, which I thought was a simple and brilliant concept.

Turning Toward Our Children: Answering Bids for Connection

World-renowned relationship researcher and co-founder of The Gottman Institute, Dr. John Gottman, has conducted 40 years of research with thousands of people. From his research has emerged a practice that is important to the emotional connection between two people – the act of “turning toward” your loved one when a bid is made. What is a bid?

31 Days of Play in January

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “It is a happy talent to know how to play.”Here are 31 new play ideas for a happy January!

21 Days to Positive Parenting

Whether you are new to positive parenting or you’ve been practicing it for a long time, we are all works in progress with room for improvement and growth.

25 Ways to Calm an Upset Child

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions. Helping children develop emotional intelligence is key to their success and well-being.

Creative Christmas Traditions

Julia Child once said, “A party without cake is just a meeting.” Turn your family gathering into a party with these Christmas traditions.

The Tattletale Elf

We have all heard of the Elf on the Shelf and other holiday beings that children’s behavior and report back to Santa. Here are 5 ways to inspire good behavior in children, without using holiday elves as tattletales!
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