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Sarah Lyons is a stay at home wife and mother of six children, including 18 month old triplets. Using creative consequences with her kids has improved their behavior and encourages healthy relationships with each other.

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Speed Up the Dawdler

Is your family always running late? Do you find yourself frustratingly repeating phrases like “Hurry!”, “Let’s go!”, or “Come on! We are going to be late!” every morning? Like many families, you may have a dawdler living in your house. Getting kids ready for the day and out the door, especially on school mornings, is challenging for any parent but when you have one (or more) children that seem to take their time every morning, getting anywhere on time can seem impossible. Here are some tips to help you speed up the dawdler in your family.

Anger Management: Helping Kids Cool Down

Everyone has to deal with feelings of anger and frustration at times. While these feelings are normal, it is important to teach kids how to appropriately deal with them. Parents and kids can work as a team to come up with strategies for these situations. “Unfortunately, many kids have never been given the opportunity to think of those other ways to calm down.

Helping Kids Face Their Fears

As a child, I assumed my parents weren’t afraid of anything. I would call on their help when I felt scared or nervous and they were always there to check under the bed for monsters and assure me that all was safe.

Building the Parent-Child Bond

The first and most important relationship we have in our lives is the one with our parents. Children learn how to love, play, interact, and resolve conflict through the bond they form with their parents. From the moment a child is born, they want their parents love and attention and it helps form their confidence and identity develop as they recieve it. As they mature, the bond strengthens through shared experiences and by spending quality time together. Here are some easy ways to strengthen the parent-child bond.

Why Parents Should Play with Their Kids

As parents, we often ask our kids to entertain themselves while we work on other tasks. While learning to play independently is important, children love playing with others, especially their parents. They crave time with their parents and since play comes naturally to them, it is a great opportunity to get to know your child better and teach new skills authentically. When parents make a point to play with their kids on their level they will experience many benefits for both the parent and child involved.

15 Ideas for Indoor Fun on Cold Winter Days

The cold winter days have settled in and some days, it’s just too cold to play outside. Here are some fun ways to use up that pent up energy while you are cooped up inside.

101 Snow Day Boredom Busters

While the first snow day is fun and relaxing, there are those long stretches of no school where everyone starts to go a bit stir crazy. Try these 101 ideas to beat snow day boredom.

New Year’s Resolutions: Help Your Kids (And Yourself) Set Reasonable Goals

How do parents help their kids set resolutions they can follow through on while also setting their own reachable and realistic goals for 2017?

Handling Holiday Stress

Parties to attend, errands to run, gifts to wrap, cookies to bake, and trees to trim are just a small part of our holiday to-do list. For some, the most wonderful time of the year quickly turns into the most stressful time of the year.

Pint-Sized Pursuits: Enrichment Activities for the Preschool Crowd

Providing extracurricular activities for your preschooler can encourage their natural curiosity and love of learning. It can also help them develop important skills like self-awareness, social development, language, and motor skills. There are countless classes and programs available through both Parks and Rec and private organizations for your child that are both fun and educational, but which activity is right for your child?

Opportunities to serve with your kids

When children have the opportunity to serve in their community, they develop a desire to help others and make a difference. Not only do they become more aware of others who are less fortunate, they will learn to appreciate the blessings in their own lives. Kids who serve others are more likely to give of their time and treasures for a lifetime. When you choose a family service project, try to pick something that excites or interests your children because they are much more likely to become invested in the project. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Are You Prepared? Emergency Preparedness for Families

Are you prepared if a disaster strikes? It isn’t my favorite question to consider but with children in the house it is good to ensure that my family is ready if fire, inclement weather, or worse affects our home and safety. How do you begin to prepare for the unexpected? Start with these simple tips:

Make this Thanksgiving Meaningful

When we think of Thanksgiving Day, delicious food, football, and getting together with family and friends come to mind. The original purpose of Thanksgiving was to show gratitude and give thanks for a bountiful harvest. Now as we celebrate Thanksgiving it is easy to get caught up in distractions like football games, Black Friday shopping, and the quest for the perfect meal and table settings. We tend to forget all about stopping to give thanks for all of our blessings.

A Sensory Sensitive Halloween

Costumes, Halloween parties with sugary treats, trick-or-treating, and spooky decorations are fun and exciting for most kids, but for a child with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Halloween celebrations can be very overwhelming.

Lifelong Benefits of Science Fairs for Kids

Kids who participate in science fairs will learn skills that can be used for problem solving and critical thinking throughout their lifetime.

STEM for Preschoolers: Activities to Try at Home

Do your children have an interest in figuring out how things work? Do they enjoy experimenting with their surroundings? You may have a budding engineer, astronaut, mathematician or scientist on your hands. Even kids who are not naturally drawn to all things math and science enjoy exploring their environment and figuring out how they work. STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, are activities that engage kids of all ages in these specific areas.

5 Benefits of Team Sports

If you are considering signing your child up for a team sport, but have reservations about the investment of your time and money, consider the benefits it can have for your child. Team sports provide the opportunity for your child to get some exercise and also provide the opportunity for social interaction and growth in their self confidence.

Teaching Kids Self Control

As our children grow, they will be faced with many difficult choices. Each choice they make will determine their success in school, friendships, and their future. Every parent’s goal is to raise kids who make smart decisions. So how do we begin to teach them to make good choices in the moment? The answer is by teaching them self control. Self control is defined as the ability to control oneself, in particular one’s emotions and desires, especially in difficult situations.

Taking the Stress Out of Back to School Mornings

School mornings can be stressful for both parents and kids. The morning can be very hectic with limited time to eat breakfast, get dressed, gather belongings, and get to school on time. Here are some ideas for families to lower the stress and create a smoother school morning.

Reduce First Day Jitters

While the beginning of the school year is an exciting time and represents a new start, some kids may feel anxious about the unknown. A new teacher, new classmates, or a new school can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Using some simple strategies, parents can help prepare their children for the first day and ease their concerns.
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