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10 Crafts To Do With Your Kids On Mother's Day!

by Jenna Gleason

Check out these 10 crafts to do with your kids on Mothers Day! Most crafts and supplies are super affordable so give them a try and see how much fun you'll have.

1. Precious Metal Prints - This product is a cute keepsake to make on Mother's Day. A necklace made of out the mold of your child’s fingerprint would make the perfect gift for grandparents too. Check out the website here! 

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2. Hand Printed Oven Mitts - Give the gift of a helping hand by personalizing a pair of oven mitts! To see more details, visit 

3. Finger Painted Flower Pots - For this craft you’ll need a flower pot, flower seeds, and paint! Here are the directions from 

4. Crafted Mason Jars - Instead of getting flowers that will die within a couple weeks give the gift of a forever blooming handprint bouquet. Decorate a mason jar and make this creative gift for mom from 

5. Painting Ideas - If you have an older child, have them create a painting instead of a paper card. This craft is not only affordable, but it will last for years. To See More Details Click Here! 

6. Bookmark Ideas - Do you read a lot? How about having the kids make a Mother's Day gift bookmark? We found this cute version on 

7. Puzzle Box - Try this cute idea for a Mothers Day gift! It's super simple and super sweet! Check out for more information!

8. Personalized Candles - With candles, wax paper and some creativity this doubles as a great activity to do for such a special day! For full directions and more ideas click here! 

9. A Special Mommy Breakfast In Bed Plate - What a great idea! Simply draw on a plate, put it in the oven for a few minutes and you’ve got yourself a beautiful, handmade plate from your kids on Mother's Day! For directions on how to make this special gift click here. 

10. Goodies In A Flower Pot - Here is a fun take on a personalized flower craft - with added goodies in it as well! We found this adorable idea on

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Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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