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10 Earth Day Crafts, Treats, and Activities for Toddlers

by Rebecca Eanes

Earth Day is April 22. I’ve gathered 10 simple crafts, treats, and activities for your toddler to enjoy.

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1. This handprint Earth craft from DLTK is perfect for toddlers. You can even do this craft with babies! Cut out a circle of blue construction paper. Paint your child’s hand green and press it into the center of the circle. Paint a few sections of green around the edges of the circle. It’s that easy!

2. Look at these cute egg carton turtles by Artsy Momma. They would look great in your garden. Cut up an egg carton into “shells” and paint them green (or whatever color your child chooses). Cut out 4 legs and a triangle tale from felt or craft foam and glue them to the underside of the turtle shell. Glue a pom pom for the head and add googly eyes. Decorate the shells with buttons, stickers, stick-on gems, or drawings.

3. The littlest ones can get involved with making this tissue paper earth day craft from Happy Hooligans. You’ll just need paper plates, blue and green tissue paper, and glue. Ask your child to put a layer of glue on the plate and then paste squares of the tissue paper onto it.

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4. Get your child into the kitchen with you to make this edible earth rice krispy treat by Amanda’s Cookin. It couldn’t be easier. Just make a big round rice krispy treat and use a clean brush to paint on earth designs with watered down food coloring.

5. Have some painting fun with this puffy paint Earth Day art by Fun Littles.  For this art project, you’ll need shaving cream, food coloring, white glue, paper plate, and brushes. Mix equal parts glue and shaving cream to make puffy paint, and use food coloring to make a batch of blue and a batch of green. This paint makes fun textures and peaks as your little one creates art!

6. Your child will feel like royalty with this paper bag Earth Day crown by Delia Creates. It’ll take a paper sack, green crayons, glue, and scissors. Cut the paper sacks into 4-inch strips and color with different shades to green. Cut fringe into the bag to look like blades of grass. Fit around head and glue. Decorate with flower stickers if desired.

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