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10 Fun Fall Activities for the Family

by Deborah Song

It’s always a good idea to spend quality time with the family. But autumn presents seasonal opportunities that encourage more cozying up than usual. Whether it’s sipping hot chocolate fireside or carving pumpkins, fall presents tons of fun activities for families to become closer. Here are ten places to start. 


  1. Visit a pumpkin patch. You’ll need a pumpkin. So why not stop by a local farm to pick one up? Because let’s face it, with so much to do at a pumpkin patch, picking out a pumpkin will be the least exciting thing you do there. Pumpkin patches are chalk full of fun activities. From petting zoo’s to face painting, to corn mazes to wagon rides, visiting your local pumpkin patch can be a great way to kick off the best season of the year.
  2. Go camping. The slight dip in weather makes camping in the fall the cool thing to do. You can take a hike without sweating profusely, and make s’mores by a warm campfire. Plus there will be fewer crowds and fewer bugs. But even if you didn’t want to pack up your car and make the trek to a campsite, you could pitch a tent in your backyard, something kids always love to do.
  3. Rake leaves. There are many benefits to getting kids to do chores. Introducing the idea of helping out by way of a novel activity might be the perfect fun segue to get them pitching in regularly.
  4. Take your family holiday photo. Not only is the foliage the perfect backdrop but you can get one of your holiday to-do’s out of the way.
  5. Carve or paint a pumpkin. Carving pumpkins is a fun activity, but it also creates outdoor décor and produces pumpkin seeds you can bake. Which brings us to our next activity. If your child is younger, painting a pumpkin might be an easier alternative.
  6. Bake pumpkin seeds. A good pumpkin seed recipe doesn’t involve any new ingredients you wouldn’t have at home. Simply toss the seeds in a bowl of melted butter with salt. With the big food holiday around the corner, it’s a great time to get in the mood for festive baking.
  7. Do hot chocolate and story time. Hot chocolate just tastes better when it’s colder outside. Fall is the perfect occasion to unwind with a cup of hot chocolate and read a story nestled together as a family.
  8. Engage in a fall-themed scavenger hunt. Getting kids to focus on things you can only spot during the fall like colored leaves, acorn or pine cone, will sure to get them noticing and appreciating the change of season. 
  9. Decorate your house. Get ready for trick-or-treaters by decorating your house with spooky décor. Or if you’d rather a more tamed look, opt for autumn décor with gourds, fall flowers and wreaths or cozy blankets.
  10. Write a gratitude list for the year. Prepare a gratitude list you can share with the family over Thanksgiving holiday. You can make a list, make a gratitude tree where you hang your notes, or keep them in a mason jar where you can have a family member pull one out by random selection.

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