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12 Creative Pumpkin Projects

by Rebecca Eanes

It’s that time of year again! Pumpkin season! There’s nothing like ringing in fall with a trip to the pumpkin patch to watch the kids load up a wagon with their hand-picked choices. The question is, what are you going to do with all those pumpkins now? I’ve rounded up 12 ideas to put those pumpkins to use while spending quality family time together. Happy fall!

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1. Make a Jack-O-Lantern

A traditional favorite, carving a pumpkin is on just about everybody’s fall to-do list. Learn the basics with this eHow tutorial, or go for the gold and carve this year’s pumpkin like a pro. Spray with cooking oil or a bathroom cleaner containing bleach once you’re finished to preserve it a bit longer!

2. Paint a Pumpkin

This is a favorite activity particularly for little kids. The Artful Parent shows us her pumpkin painting experience with toddlers and what kind of paint works best for this fun project.

3. Create an Artistic Glitter Pumpkin

Make your pumpkin sparkle and shine with this glitter pumpkin tutorial from Kid Style Junkie. This activity is probably best done outside or you’ll be vacuuming up glitter for days! They’re messy but oh so cute when they’re finished.

4. Use Them as Serving Bowls

Grab a pumpkin that doesn’t tilt to one side or the other too much and turn it into a festive serving bowl for some delicious, warm pumpkin soup. This tutorial from My Persian Kitchen shows you how to prepare your pumpkin bowl and what to do with it when the soup is gone!

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5. Turn it into a Planter

The Fayette Woman has a great tutorial for converting your pumpkin into a beautiful planter, perfect for moms! Get creative by letting the kids paint faces or designs on the planters. This is also a great beginning gardening activity for your tots!

6. Create an Adorable Pumpkin Family

I can see this being a great afternoon activity with your tweens and teens! How cute is this pumpkin family by All You? This is such a fun way to express your whole family’s personalities while spending quality time together. The end result is a stunning and unique fall decoration for your home!

7. Feed the Birds

Create a simple pumpkin bird feeder with these instructions by Instructables. In just three easy steps, your kids can make a feeder to hang from your porch or a sturdy tree branch.

8. Go Bowling

This is a fun party game but it’s also fun just to set up in your hallway for a family tournament. You’ll just need a small pumpkin and a few rolls of toilet paper stacked.

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9. Make a Pumpkin Snowman

I know it’s still fall, but if you have pumpkins left over after Thanksgiving, this adorable snowman by Caught in Grace is the perfect way to make use of them. Find 3 stackable pumpkins and hot glue them together, let the kids spray paint them white, and then add buttons and a scarf and voila!

10. Use it as a Flower Vase

This is a lovely indoor decoration that your kids can help you with. After you’ve cut the pumpkin and scooped out the guts, insert a vase and let the kids arrange the flowers and fill with water. Step-by-step instructions can be found here at Life as This Mommy Knows It.

11. Use Them as Pounding Practice

Let your little ones hone those fine motor skills by taking a hammer and pounding in nails or golf tees or using thumb tacks to make designs. I Can Teach My Child offers this fun tutorial that your kids are sure to have a blast with.

12. Cook Them Up

There is no shortage of pumpkin recipes on the web! From soup to cookies, bread to cheesecake, turn those leftover pumpkins into a tasty treat. Cooking together is a great way for kids to build skills while also spending time connecting with mom and dad. Here are loads of pumpkin recipes for you from All Recipes.

Rebecca Eanes, is the founder of and creator of Positive Parenting: Toddlers and Beyond. She is the bestselling author of 3 books. Her newest book,Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide, is more than a parenting book, it's a guide to human connection. She has also written The Newbie's Guide to Positive Parentingand co-authored the book, Positive Parenting in Action: The How-To Guide to Putting Positive Parenting Principles in Action in Early ChildhoodShe is the grateful mother to 2 boys.


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