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14 Lego Organization Ideas

by Devin Berglund

Use these great Lego organization ideas instead of just letting them sit in the containers in the basement. This will also help you keep them off the floor. Thank goodness for not having to step on any more Lego's. They hurt, don't they? We hope your kids enjoy our great collection of Lego organization ideas. We know you will!

Key Holder - Ever have a problem with losing your keys? This is a brilliant idea for a NON-STRESS moment on a hectic day!

Product Cable Holders - This is a great way to keep your computer or phone cords from falling behind the desk.


Lego Play And Go Place-Mat Bag - Have you ever stepped on a Lego? Use this place-mat for your kid's Lego's and then pull the drawstring to clean it up. It turns into a bag.


Lego Tray - What a perfect way to keep the Lego's all in one place. They will be able to create many beautiful buildings.

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Shoe Lego Organizer - This will be a great place for your kids to keep all their Lego's and the great thing is that you can organize them by color.


Lego Organizer - This is another awesome take on organizing the Lego's by color.


Lego Instruction Manual Organization - You know how easily those Lego manuals get ruined, bent, or ripped? Say good-bye to that, with this manual organizer!!


Road Trip Lego Box - Do your kids love bringing their Lego's with them on trips into town or on longer road trips? This is a perfect way of helping them keep track of their Lego's.


Lego Travel Case - Your kids will love this travel case. It will offer them more room to bring more of their little yellow friends along on the journey!

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Lego - I-SPY Game - This is a unique game for those long drives! Just make sure you really tape that bag. Last thing you want is a bunch of rice in your car.

Lego Mini-Figure Storage -We love this! What a cool way to store and make the Lego's a feature in your child's room.


Lego Mini-Figure Showcase Storage - Does your little man or gal have a lot of Lego's? Here is a brilliant way to display and store them.


Make Your Own Lego Table - We love this! It would be a great play-space for your child's Lego Worlds!


Make A Lego Wall - And how amazing is this? A room with actual Lego walls!

We are sure your kids are going to love these awesome ways to store their Lego's. Try out some of these great Lego organization ideas and see what works best for your kids.

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Devin Berglund is an enthusiast for all things writing. On her free time she enjoys FaceTiming with her fiancé (who currently lives in Australia), traveling, and writing novels.

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